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the engine house
The Engine House, Boughton.

The Engine House Tavern, Richmond Place. The first we have learned about this inn is that it was originally called The Richmond Place Beerhouse and is listed as such in the 1871 census. It was more popularly known as Ruscoe's, after the family who took it on in 1807.

It became The Engine House Tavern in 1880 and remained as such until it closed as a pub. Elizabeth Ruscoe, the licencee, also ran a cab hire business (horse-drawn back then) from the back of the pub, where there was a large yard and outbuildings- presumably where Parkside Motors was later operating, as seen in our photograph.

The licence was taken over by Thomas Reece in 1890. Mr Reece was a former policeman who had served in the force for 20 years.

Ron and Margaret Critchlow had the place in the early 1970s. The interior of the pub was decked out in the cream and maroon livery of the Old Great Western Railway. “Station Master” appeared above the bar and the Ladies and Gents were suitably indicated with huge signs. Not a pub for passing trade, but it had a strong, firm base of locals and a top class darts team.

After closing, the old inn became a restaurant by the name of Locus. It currently (2011) houses an Indian restaurant called Shillong.

Many thanks to Gloria Rathbone, a descendent of the Ruscoes, for much of the above information.

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